You\'ll already be thinking of coming back as you leave us!'); define(_INICIOP2,'Discover a different Andalusia, with new nuances and full of attractions. From the Casa de la Higuera, open the doors to the heart of Andalusia.'); define(_INICIOF1,"Arrival:"); define(_INICIOF2,"SEE"); define(_INICIOF3,"Nights:"); define(_INICIOF4,"No. People:"); define(_INICIOF5,"SEND"); define(_COMOLLEGAR,'The town of Priego de Cordoba can be reached from Granada, Seville or Malaga via the A-92 dual carriageway.

Exit at the Loja turn-off, direction Priego.

From Jaén via the A-336 and from Cordoba via the N-432.

Just a few kilometres from Priego de Cordoba is Zagrilla, the village where the house is located.'); define(_CONOCE1,'In the south-east of the province of Cordoba is Priego de Cordoba, surrounded by the mountains of the "Sierras Subbéticas" Nature Reserve. This location is a \'must\' on the Caliphate Route, the European Cultural Itinerary that travels throughout Andalusia from Cordoba to Granada. Among the region\'s many monuments, travellers can enjoy the baroque civil and religious structures built during the city\'s long centuries of splendour.'); define(_CONOCE2,'Particular examples of baroque in this city are the parish church of La Asunción, of Mudejar gothic origin whose sacrarium, the work of Pedrajas, provides one of the best examples of baroque.

Also of note is the church of La Aurora and that of San Francisco, a temple containing the venerated image of Jesus of Nazareth, the star of the Priego processions at Easter. There are also the baroque churches of Mercedes and Angustias. Other churches of interest are San Pedro and Carmen.'); define(_CONOCE3,'In civil architecture, of particular note is the \'Fuente del Rey\' or King\'s Fountain, made up of three pools with the image of Neptune surrounded by 139 jets; next to this there is also the \'Fuente de la Salud\' or Fountain of Health.
Some of the city\'s churches, like its fountains, have been declared National Monuments.'); define(_CONOCE4,'In this architecturally rich city, there are also several aristocratic houses and palaces adorning the central streets, such as Calle Río and Carrera de Álvarez.

The city also has a wide variety of cultural activities and sights, particularly its Archaeological Museum and the continuous exhibitions in the \'Carnicerías Reales\' or Royal Meat Markets, an old market from the 16th century in Mannerist style, as well as the Museum - birthplace of Niceto Alcalá-Zamora (president of the 2nd Spanish Republic).'); define(_CONOCE5,'Although Priego is called the capital of Cordoba baroque , no-one can deny its Muslim origins, with evident examples in its Castle, its Villa district and Adarve district. Walking through these areas offers the visitor a breath of medieval air.'); define(_CONOCE6,'We invite you to take a stroll through History as you walk through its streets, squares and hidden corners. You will discover a surprising city with people and sights you will never forget.'); define(_CONOCE7,'We look forward to seeing you in one of the most beautiful cities in Andalusia: Priego de Cordoba'); define(_CONTACTO1,'Send your booking application, any doubts, comments or suggestions... We will be only too happy to answer you.'); define(_CONTACTO2,'Contact Casa la Higuera and we will resolve all your doubts.'); define(_CONTACTO3,'Contact Form'); define(_CONTACTO4,'Name'); define(_CONTACTO5,'Telephone'); define(_CONTACTO6,'Message'); define(_CONTACTO7,'Send Message'); define(_CONTACTO8,'Email and Message fields must be completed'); define(_CONTACTO9,'Once we have received this form, we will try to contact you within 24 hours at most'); define(_CONTACTO10,'Address'); define(_CONTACTO11,'Town/City'); define(_CONTACTO12,'Province'); define(_CONTACTO13,'Country'); define(_CONTACTO14,'Postcode'); define(_CONTACTO15,'Telephone'); define(_CONTACTO16,'Fax'); define(_CONTACTO17,'Owner or Contact Person'); define(_CONTACTO18,'Many thanks for your interest'); define(_ENLACES1,'Here you can consult some internet portals that may be of use to you if you have decided to visit us. We hope they help you to make the most of your stay at the Casa de la Higuera.'); define(_ENLACES2,'Portal of the Priego de Cordoba Town Council.'); define(_ENLACES3,'Hiking route "GR 7 E-4"'); define(_ENLACES4,'Priego de Cordoba on the Caliphate Route'); define(_ENLACES5,'To visit the Alhambra in Granada. Ticket sales.'); define(_ENLACES6,'Virtual visit of the Mosque at Cordoba.'); define(_ENLACES7,'Official website for tourism in Andalusia'); define(_ENLACES8,'Tourist information on the county'); define(_VERFOTOS1,'Welcome to our Visitors\'s Book. Here you can leave your comments, opinions or suggestions concerning your stay at the Casa de la Higuera. But above all, our aim is for our clients to share their experiences by sending us photos and a short comment on your experiences at the Casa de la Higuera. '); define(_VERFOTOS2,'Upload Photos'); define(_VERFOTOS3,'Photo'); define(_VERFOTOS4,'Date'); define(_VERFOTOS5,'Time'); define(_VERFOTOS6,'Author'); define(_VERFOTOS7,'Comment'); define(_LACASA1,'This rural house was built on the ruins of a typical Andalusian \'cortijo\' or farmhouse, jealously respecting its harmony with the environment and at the same time thinking of everything required to ensure you stay is as comfortable as possible. Perhaps for this reason, and for many others that we invite you to discover here, the Tourism, Trade and Sports Council of the government of Andalusia recently recognised the Casa de la Higuera as a Superior Rural House, the top category awarded by the government for rural houses.'); define(_LACASA2,'Located on a traditional olive estate (9 hectares), from its terraces the Casa de la Higuera offers magnificent views of the Nature Reserve and the village of Zagrilla, from where the accommodation can be reached via an asphalt road. One of house\'s characteristics that is often mentioned by our clients is its location, located on a hill and on a private estate, which means you can enjoy a peaceful, intimate setting. Just 300 metres from the village, it nonetheless seems to be set apart from the rest of the world.'); define(_LACASA3,'We offer our guests five double rooms, two with a double bed and three with twin beds. We have three bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, central heating, living room with a fireplace, terrace, garage and garden with a large pool, surrounded by extensive open areas with fabulous views.'); define(_LACASA4,'We guarantee your stay will be unforgettable. You will discover for yourself that comfort and quality can go hand in hand with tranquillity, calm and peace and quiet.'); define(_LACASA5,'You will discover that rural tourism is a different way to delight your senses!'); define(_LACASACOM1,'Pool'); define(_LACASACOM2,'Terrace'); define(_LACASACOM3,'Bedroom'); define(_LACASACOM4,'Hall'); define(_LACASACOM5,'Pool at Night-time'); define(_LACASACOM6,'Pool during the Day'); define(_LACASACOM7,'Sun and Relaxation'); define(_LACASACOM8,'A Summer\'s Morning'); define(_LACASACOM9,'Kitchen'); define(_LACASACOM10,'Detail of the Fountain'); define(_LACASACOM11,'Living Room'); define(_LACASACOM12,'Terrace at Night-time'); define(_RESERVAR1,'Arrival'); define(_RESERVAR2,'Nights'); define(_RESERVAR3,'People'); define(_RESERVAR4,'Date'); define(_RESERVAR5,'Reference'); define(_RESERVAR6,'Name'); define(_RESERVAR7,'Surname(s)'); define(_RESERVAR8,'Identity Card/Passport'); define(_RESERVAR9,'Address'); define(_RESERVAR10,'Telephone'); define(_RESERVAR11,'Comments'); define(_RESERVAR12,'--- SEND APPLICATION ---'); define(_RESERVAR13,'Email field must be completed.
Average response time 24-48 hours'); define(_SITUACION1,'Casa de la Higuera is located next to Zagrilla, one of the most picturesque and best preserved villages in Priego de Cordoba. Strolling through this village with its white houses you will come across extremely beautiful sights, all of them an example of a special rural architecture. '); define(_SITUACION2,'7 km from Zagrilla is Priego de Cordoba, the city of water, limestone and baroque art. In fact, Priego is a constant flow of fountains and springs, of particular note being the \'Fuente del Rey\' or King\'s Fountain, with an image of Neptune and 139 jets. It is a city of limestone thanks to its typical streets and white houses adorned with flowers, the best example being the Villa district. Priego is known as the "capital of Cordoba baroque" and it well deserves this name. An example of this are its many churches. Some of them, like its fountains, have been declared National Monuments.'); define(_SITUACION3,'This rural house offers a wide range of possibilities in addition to those of the area itself. At just over 100 kilometres there is the city of Malaga and the beaches of the Costa del Sol. Closer to home is Granada, with its remarkable Alhambra. And very near, less than an hour\'s car drive away, is the greatest treasure in Andalusian Arabian art, The Mosque at Cordoba'); define(_SITUACION4,'How to get there'); define(_SUB1,'Within the area known as the "Subbeticas Sierras" Nature reserve we find an area protected by the government of Andalusia since 1988, of great interest in terms of both ecology and landscape, extending over 31,568 hectares and distributed irregularly among eight municipalities of the "Mancomunidad" or Joint Community: Cabra, Carcabuey, Doña Mencía, Iznájar, Luque, Priego de Cordoba, Rute and Zuheros.'); define(_SUB2,'The plant life in this protected area, typically Mediterranean, is rich in Holm oak and Portuguese oak, with maples and European hackberry trees also present. One of the Park\'s biggest attractions are the numerous endemic species - Iberian, Benthic, North African and local - and other species flowering throughout the year, such as irises, daffodils, peonies and orchids ; also of note is the collection of particularly beautiful shrubs, such as mastic and wild olive trees, among others.'); define(_SUB3,'With regard to the fauna, in those areas that have been taken over by scrub there are principally rabbits, foxes, kestrels, lesser kestrels and warblers... As the "sierra" is rich in rocky areas and limestone outcrops, the most characteristic birdlife are birds of prey, particularly: golden eagles, griffon vultures and the peregrine falcon , the latter with the largest population in the whole province and the emblem of the Nature reserve. Certain mammals are also of note, such as the European wild cat, wild boar, common fox and European hedgehog, the most peculiar being Miller\'s water shrew , as this is one of the southernmost locations for the species on the continent'); define(_SUB4,'Travellers arriving at this area will cross mountain ranges or "sierras" of great geological importance, with contrasting, beautiful landscapes offering very special characteristics for visitors. Of particular importance is the Sierra de Cabra, in 1929 declared a "Landscape of natural interest". The highest peak in this range, known as El Picacho, is at an altitude of 1,217 metres.'); define(_SUB5,'El Picacho is known as the "balcony of Andalusia", on a clear day providing a view not only of the highest peaks in the Park but also of the Sierra Nevada range. The Sierra de Cabra offers interesting geological formations, such as the Lapiaz de los Lanchares'); define(_SUB6,'The Nature Reserve contains the highest mountain in the province of Cordoba: La Tiñosa, at 1,570 metres. Other ranges of great beauty and geological interest are the "sierras" of Rute and Horconera, the latter with the aforementioned peak of La Tiñosa as well as the Bermejo summit, at 1,476 metres. In the foothills of both ranges you can see the majestic flight of the golden eagle and Bonelli\'s eagle , as well as the peregrine falcon and the Egyptian vulture. Close to Rute you can see the beautiful countryside of the gorge of the river La Hoz.
In the aforementioned Sierra de Cabra, near the peaks of Lobatejo and Abuchite, the main attraction is the proud flight of the griffon vulture. Other mountains of interest are Pollos and Gallinera, close to Carcabuey.'); define(_SUB7,'The Nature Reserve of the "Sierras Subbéticas" has different hiking and mountain routes to help visitors enjoy the beauty and singularity of this ecological area, allowing them to get to know its highly varied flora and fauna.
And the "Sierras Subbéticas" are the ideal place for all kinds of rural tourism, where the quality of the environment is key to a stay in one of the most marvellous counties in Andalusia'); define(_SUB8,'Lastly, we should just mention that, before going into the Reserve, it is useful to stop off at the Santa Rita Visitor Centre. This is located on the road from Priego de Cordoba to the neighbouring town of Cabra. Here there is the Interpretation Centre for the Nature Reserve of the "Sierras Subbéticas". You can watch an audiovisual film on the Reserve and there is also a permanent exhibition. This visit will provide you with a much greater understanding of the flora and fauna of this marvellous Nature Reserve. '); define(_SUBCOM1,'Olive trees and mountain ranges'); define(_SUBCOM2,'Hiking route, Sierra Horconera'); define(_SUBCOM3,'Portuguese oak'); define(_SUBCOM4,'Peregrin Falcon'); define(_SUBCOM5,'Distant View of the Santa Rita Visitor Centre'); define(_SUBCOM6,'Sierra de Cabra'); define(_SUBCOM7,'View of Carcabuey'); define(_UPLOAD1,'Form to Upload Photos'); define(_UPLOAD2,'All the photos sent will be checked by the administrator before being published on the website. '); define(_UPLOAD3,'Name'); define(_UPLOAD4,'Photo'); define(_UPLOAD5,'Comment'); define(_UPLOAD6,'Send Photo'); define(_UPLOAD7,'Thank you for your collaboration.'); define(_TARIFAS1,'Low Season'); define(_TARIFAS2,'High Season'); define(_TARIFAS3,'Nights'); define(_TARIFAS4,'Number of People'); define(_TARIFAS5,'Weeks'); define(_TARIFASDSC,'Prices in Euros (€), VAT Included.
High Season: Christmas, New Year\'s Eve, Easter, July and August (Minimum stay of 1 week during high season).
Low Season: Rest of the year.
The house is rented out as a whole.
The price includes: heating, electricity, water, logs, sheets, towels.
Sheets and towels are changed once a week for stays of two weeks or longer.
Swimming season: May - September.'); define(_RESERVABIEN,'Application for reservation successful. We will shortly be sending you our reply.'); define(_RESERVAMAL,'Error in carrying out the application'); define(_Enero,"January"); define(_Febrero,"February"); define(_Marzo,"March"); define(_Abril,"April"); define(_Mayo,"May"); define(_Junio,"June"); define(_Julio,"July"); define(_Agosto,"August"); define(_Septiembre,"September"); define(_Octubre,"October"); define(_Noviembre,"November"); define(_Diciembre,"December"); define(_Lunes,"M"); define(_Martes,"T"); define(_Miercoles,"W"); define(_Jueves,"T"); define(_Viernes,"F"); define(_Sabado,"S"); define(_Domingo,"S"); define(_ocupado,"Booked"); define(_disponible,"Available"); define(_mes,"Month"); define(_ano,"Year"); ?> Casa de la Higuera, turismo rural de calidad en Zagrilla, Priego de Cordoba, Andalucia "; ?>
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